Margarida Valentim Veteriano
Thursday: Scheveningseweg 72, 2517 KX   The Hague
Friday     : Amsterdamse Veerkade 12, 2512 AJ   The Hague

You can contact the practice by calling number 06 – 814 215 98 and leave a message or send an email.

At present there is no possibility to see new clients. You can ask your GP for an alternative. You can find a psychologist at or a couples / family therapist at You can also ask your health care provider for waiting list mediation. (16-11-2019)

The practice will be closed from 18th till the 27th of november. Clients of the practice can contact my colleague Mrs. J. Sorel, tel. 06-47976767, during working hours. In case of emergency, please contact your GP.

BIG         89059624325
AGB       94012977 (therapist)
AGB       94060082 (practice )
KvK        57292035

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