Margarida Valentim Veteriano

The practice is situated in the old centre of The Hague at the Amsterdamse Veerkade 12, 2512 AJ. Treatments are offered on Thursdays and Fridays.


You can contact the practice by calling number 06 – 814 215 98 and leave a message or send an email.

There is a waiting period of 3 weeks for intake and 4 weeks for treatment. You can ask your GP for an alternative. You can find a psychologist at or via For a couples / family therapist at You can also ask your health care provider for waiting list mediation. (02-07-2020)

The practice will be closed for holiday from 10 till 30th of August.

The treatments at the practice can be offered face to face respecting the RIVM guidelines to prevent spreading the Corona virus. In case you have a cold or fever, you can ask for a phone or video call or cancel the session. If you prefer a Phone or video call session for another reason please let me know.

BIG         89059624325
AGB       94012977 (therapist)
AGB       94060082 (practice )
KvK        57292035

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