Type of problems


Relational problems

You may register if you are experiencing relational problems within your marriage. You may have the feeling that you have lost the connection with your partner and that you are repeating the same negative pattern over and over again. My experience is that relational problems usually are associated with psychological symptoms such as poor sleep, concentration problems, anxiety and depression. Making improvements in the relationship will ultimately have a positive impact on your mood. Good relationships promote self-confidence, a sense of belonging and individual growth.


Family therapy

Within your family you may have a feeling that you have lost a certain connection which you used to have. This may concern parenting problems after a traumatic event such as an illness or a divorce. Even under positive circumstances such as a (required) migration or the formation of a newly reconstituted family it can be difficult finding a new balance for each member.


Psychological complaints

You can register if you suffer from psychological problems such as stress symptoms, worrying, depression, anxiety, poor sleep, perfectionism, persistent fatigue, low self-esteem, etc.



Sometimes there are goals that you would like to achieve and you need guidance. This can be an individual goal such as finding a better balance in your life. But also in terms of relationships or instant embedding in a new environment. Just imagine the challenges of a (bi-cultural) relationship / family and expat / migration experiences where it is important to be open to the perspective of the other without losing your own individuality.

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