Systemic Therapy

This type of therapy focuses on the treatment of relational problems. A systemic therapist explores with his client(s) how they interact and influence each other and will help by giving feedback and advice to improve the relationship.

Broardly speaking a systemic therapist can help you to improve your relationship but only if both partners really want to.  The problems and complaints that are often experienced may make you wonder if it is really worthwhile to stay in the relationship or not. Therapy may have a beneficial effect by helping partners to make an informed decision on the relationship. If you have already decided to split up and you have children you will often have the desire to make the best of it. This is not only very important for the kids involved but it also provides you with the opportunity to learn a lot more about yourself and to start your grieving process in a healthier way.

In the case of individual treatment the systemic therapist will also explore the social context of the problems experienced. The strengths and different perspectives in the environment of the client are powerful means for reaching one’s goals.

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