You can go to practice for a short-term treatment (5 to 10 sessions) or coaching. A single consultation is also possible. The sessions can be combined with e-health of Embloom.

Treatment Process

In the first interview(s) we will explore the problems and complaints you are experiencing and other areas of your life at this present time. During the intake and before finishing the treatment, questionnaires will be used to assess the psychological symptoms. We will also discuss what is going well and what you would like to achieve when the therapy is finished. On this basis a treatment plan will be developed. During the treatment you will be given homework in order to explore and experience new ways of behavior. It may also be necessary to involve other people who are close to you.

Treatment Methods

Depending on the problem treatment techniques from different fields can be used such as systemic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-oriented psychotherapy, directive therapy, EFT and mindfulness.

The treatments can also be given in English, Portuguese, Italian, French or Spanish.

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